Is the food that you eat right for your health? Click on the barcode - just say: KlikTag ...

Product Ingredients

See ingredients that can pose a risk for your health such as: Aspartam, MSG, Trans Fat, Glucose Syrup, etc., as well as many other ingredients

Nutritive values

KlikTag shows nutritional properties; it will help you to eat healthy by taking into account the daily consumption amounts recommended for each food group.

Types of Diets

Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Gluten Free and so on. KlikTag shows if products satisfy dietary criteria.


Peanuts, Coriander, Egg, Celery, Sulphite, etc. KlikTag monitors 63 allergen substances for you and selects products that meet your set criteria.


Preservatives, Sweeteners, Colors, etc., all in all 24 different types of additives are checked. KlikTag will recommend appropriate similar products based on your preffernes.


When you define your preferences, KlikTag informs you if the product you've scanned is suitable for you, and finds similar products that meet your saved criteria.

Kliktag is a platform created to inform consumers about healthy consumption. By analyzing food products based on the label barcode, it tells you whether the product you are considering consuming is suitable for your lifestyle.
KlikTag is build to obtain product information from the manufacturers. If manufacturers provided this information to KlikTag, you will see "Manufacturer's Source" statement by this product. Otherwise, our employes very carefully copied these data from product labels. But errors are always possible. We have numerous control procedures in place to ensure only valid data is presented in KlikTag. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and other goverment agencies regulate mandadory information on product labels. Before taking any action, you must read the product label information, which is the only relevant information.
Yes, all content, nutrients, allergens, additives are kept in accordance with European Union standards (EU / 1169 consumer information directive). For example; 63 alergen substances, and 24 allergen species are categorically analyzed.
KlikTag has been developed to receive product information from different sources (producers, food-related health and public institutions, NGOs, etc.). Information not available from the manufacturer is prepared by KlikTag food specialists based on the product label information.
Our goal is to provide you with all product information relevant to your lifestyle and to present it to you in an appropriate and easy-to-understand way. If you encounter the message "Product not found", we would like to ask you to select "I want to be notified about this product", so we can request immediate information from the manufacturer.
Producers can sometimes change the quantity without changing the product bar code. The can also vary slightly on different markets. Sometimes a product that is 100 g in market A can be sold as 80 g in market B.
The use of the "Does not contain" expression in package, is subject to labeling legislation. For example: If the amount of trans fat is less than 1%, "Does Not Contain Trans Fat " expression can be used on product package. KlikTag tells you correct information, regardless of the legislation.
KlikTag is an application that plans to be here for a long time. You can be sure that many "wishes" will be included in the application over time.

However, for any suggestions and requests please write to us at our email address

KlikTag is developed by CMOS Technology but it belongs to you - the consumers. It is important that you encourage as many manufacturers as you can to provide information.
For large volumes and frequently changing product information, our prefference is to set up a synchronization environment through the GDSN network.

As an alternaive; You can share data using the SYNCGUIDE product information management service, or using an Excel template.

Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is a global network system that enables suppliers to share their product information with business partners in electronic environment and is used by nearly 50,000 companies.

Ask your local GS1 organization about joining GDSN, so you can synchronize your data with all of your trading partners in a standardized way.

SyncGUIDE is a Product Information Management (PIM) system for centralized management of product information from different business applications such as ERP, CRM, or from file-based sources such as Excel.

SyncGUIDE also allows users to directly enter data and manage data quality.

For more information about SyncGUIDE, please contact us at or browse our website

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